Born from the need to create a consciously yet scientifically curated bathing & cleansing routine, we have our roots in all-natural, safe, and exotic plant-based skintertaining ingredients that are sourced globally and are put together as plant-to-bottle formulations after years of scientific research.
Our skin-friendly and nutrient-rich range of bathing and cleansing formulations is, thus, an exquisite gift of nature that is challenging the status quo and redefining bathing routines. After all, bathing should be pleasurable and entertaining – not a chore. With our innovative technologies and expertise in extracting/procuring only the purest forms of ingredients from nature and combining them in ways that have never been done before, we ensure that you get soothing, refreshing, and indulging bathing experience with each shower.

Why indulge in a bathing beauty regime

One step that should never be skipped is starting your morning or ending your day with a shower. How you shower matters. It’s where you get energized and kickstart your day or wash off your workout, and unwind after a long day. August Bioscience’s all-natural range of bathing and cleansing products rid your skin of dirt and impurities without robbing your skin’s natural moisture. An indulging shower like this not only uplifts your mood but also preps your skin for your morning or night-time skincare routine.