The most creative individuals are frequently those with revolutionary and nonconformist personalities. These 'oddballs' are individuals who think, feel, and act differently. These individuals do not easily fit into the corporate square boxes. They are insurgents. At August Biosciences, we identify ourselves as a team of such individuals that are here to defy mundane bathing routines. A team that believes that a healthy skincare routine starts right in the shower. A team that believes that the best way to kickstart a day is to indulge in a rich bathing experience. A team that believes that choosing between a personal care product that’s only good for the cosmetic needs of your skin and the one that is natural, pure, and safe not only for you but also for the mother earth, shouldn’t be that difficult. At August Biosciences, we have created an enriching range of bathing and cleansing products to awaken your sleepiest of mornings. With our all-natural plant-to-bottle range of personal care formulations, healthy skin after all really does grow on trees. We believe in transforming bathing routines around the world with our all-natural plant-to-bottle personal care formulations that are:

• Sulphate-Free                   • Paraben-Free
• Chemical-Free                  • Cruelty-Free 
• Environment-Friendly        • Low-foaming`

    Our Inspiration

    At August Bioscience, we are inspired by the August showers that come with heaven-sent music, washing every hue into a strong and soulful vibrancy. As each tiny water globe touches the skin, these August showers come as an invitation to rest, relax, rejuvenate and celebrate the gift of nature. Just as these showers bring nature back to life, August Bioscience’s exotic and all-natural range of refreshing, reenergizing, and rejuvenating range of personal care products breathe new life into your skin- all prepped up for your after-shower skincare regime.