Aqua For Oily Skin & Scalp

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Aqua For Oily Skin & Scalp - Made for oily skin and Aqua For Oily Skin & Scalp formulated with special hydrating ingredients to lock moisture and nourish your hair and skin all-day-long. Just follow this routine and see the magic flow.

Step 1:

Nourish and Growth Shampoo 

Formulated with the rare Turmeric Stem Cell, Aqua For Oily Skin & Scalp our Nourish and Growth shampoo gives your hair and scalp the nourishment it needs to boost hair growth, density, and quality. A perfect fit for anyone who struggles with hair fall, it gives you a gentle cleanse that will leave you feeling great all day long. 

Step 2:

Soft & Smooth Conditioner 

Replenish and strengthen damaged hair with the powerful combination of Manketti Seed Oil and Shea Butter. Our ethically sourced ingredients give your hair deep conditioning treatment and help prevent hair breakage, giving you endless good hair days. 


Step 3:

Aqua Hydration Face Cleanser

Formulated with a never-before-used combination of Seabuckthorn and Ginger our Aqua Hydration Face Cleansing Gel is dedicated to providing you clear skin. Our unique natural ingredients work together to protect and revitalize your skin. It also gives you a boost of collagen, making your skin plump and smooth.  


Step 4:

Aqua For Oily Skin & Scalp

The first shower gel to ever combine Marine Algae and Bamboo Extract, to give you a deep moisturizing shower experience that will keep your skin feeling soft and smooth all day long. 


Use Aqua For Oily Skin & Scalp :-)

    All our products are low-foaming & do not lather much. That's a good thing, since it proves they're sulfate-free, paraben-free & chemical-free.

    We only use ingredients from nature and combine them in ways that have never been done before. This ensures that you get the purest benefits and a premium experience with each shower.

    Made while keeping sustainability non-negotiable in each step of the way. This ensures that all August Bioscience products are:
    Sulfate-free | Chemical-Free | Paraben-Free

    Combining our bioscience with our sustainable methods gives us low-foaming products that do not lather much. And that's a good thing since it proves that the product indeed is sulfate-free, paraben-free & chemical-free!

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