Marine Algae & Bamboo Extract Shower Gel (100ml)

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Get Smooth Skin All-Day-Long
Made from marine algae and bamboo extract, our aqua shower gel helps lock moisture right into your skin. The naturally hydrating ingredients combine with our low-foam formulation to help refresh and rejuvenate your body to the maximum possible extent so that each shower feels like a waterfall.  

Marine Algae
­čî▒Leaves your skin deeply hydrated
­čî▒Tones your skin┬á
­čî▒Reduces acne┬á
­čî▒Improves elasticity┬á
­čî▒Reduces wrinkles

Bamboo Extract 
­čî▒Locks moisture into your skin
­čî▒Protects against pollution
­čî▒Promotes radiants skin

Sulfate-Free | Chemical-Free | Paraben-Free

All our products are low-foaming & do not lather much. That's a good thing, since it proves they're sulfate-free, paraben-free & chemical-free.

We only use ingredients from nature and combine them in ways that have never been done before. This ensures that you get the purest benefits and a premium experience with each shower.

Made while keeping sustainability non-negotiable in each step of the way. This ensures that all August Bioscience products are:
Sulfate-free | Chemical-Free | Paraben-Free

Combining our bioscience with our sustainable methods gives us low-foaming products that do not lather much. And that's a good thing since it proves that the product indeed is sulfate-free, paraben-free & chemical-free!

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