Secret Weapon for Hair Loss? All About Turmeric Stem Cell Shampoos

Capilia longa, commonly known as turmeric, is one of the bioactive antioxidants believed to lengthen the anagen (growth) period of hair growth. This is one of the four phases of the hair development cycle, during which new hair grows as old hair is pushed out of the hair follicle.

As per many clinical investigations, highly concentrated proteins released from the turmeric root's stem cells were found to boost the distribution of 1GF-1 (insulin-like growth factor) and miRNA (small molecules that help control genes) to the dermal papilla, which aids prolong the hair's growth phase. Therefore, natural treatments such as turmeric pills or hair health products containing turmeric may be effective against hair loss.

Turmeric Stem Cells


If that’s too much science, allow us to help you understand. Simply, research has proved that turmeric stem cells aid in overall hair health. No wonder, there are numerous products from pills and hair oils to shampoos banking upon the magical properties of turmeric stem cells. Here we’d like to especially mention August Bioscience’s Turmeric Stem Cells Low Foaming Shampoo which not only cuts the competition based on purity and quality but also checks all marks of being utmost respectful to mother nature. Sourcing ingredients from authentic suppliers to ensure purity at every stage of production, Turmeric Stem Cells Low Foaming Shampoo promises to stimulate hair growth, reduce hair fall, protect hair follicles, and prevent damage from harmful free radicles. 

Turmeric Stem Cells


Turmeric stem cells are also sometimes advised as a natural remedy for eliminating dandruff, reducing irritation of the scalp, and even promoting hair growth. Researchers have discovered that shampoos like Turmeric Stem Cells Low Foaming Shampoo that contain turmeric stem cells can help alleviate scaling, redness, and other signs of scalp psoriasis, a skin problem that can cause temporary hair loss.

This shampoo from August Bioscience has not only been formulated keeping in mind the quality-oriented consumers that want plant-to-bottle all-natural, chemical-free hair care products but also consumers who are environmentally conscious. Wait! What’s low-foaming? Undoubtedly, one of the primary things that come to mind when you think of shampoo is a thick lather with an abundance of suds and bubbles. But did you know that sulfates are typically responsible for the formation of visible foam? Sulfates are harsh to natural hair and can leave it feeling stripped of natural oils after every wash. Using Turmeric Stem Cells Low Foaming Shampoo without foam can cleanse your hair just as effectively without leaving it so dry. 

So if you’re seeking conscious hair care, Turmeric Stem Cells Low Foaming Shampoo is one of the most talked about shampoos in the hair care alley.  It is time that you bring Turmeric Stem Cells Low Foaming Shampoo home to incorporate the magical benefits of Turmeric Stem Cells into your hair care regimen and allow these nature’s wonders to treat your dry, damaged, and lifeless hair. This season, indulge in August Bioscience’s Turmeric Stem Cells Low Foaming Shampoo to give your hair all the love and care it deserves.

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