Manketti Seed & Ylang Ylang Oil Anti-Frizz Shampoo (250ml)

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Perfect For Natural Frizz-Free Hair

The combination of Manketti Seed and Ylang Ylang helps this shampoo run deep, and moisturize your scalp, which in-turn helps promote natural hair growth that keeps your hair fresh, bouncy and frizz-free all-day-long. 

Benefits of Manketti Seed for Hair
🌱 Restores vital nutrients
🌱 Strengthens your hair follicles
🌱 Soothes your rough hair texture
🌱 Delivers a boost of moisture
🌱 Revitalizes dry and damaged hair
🌱 Holds your curls longer for longer

Benefits of  Ylang Ylang Oil for Hair
🌱 Perfect for dry scalp
🌱 Stimulates sebum production
🌱 Deep hair-nourishment
🌱 Prevents hair breakage and split-ends
🌱 Comes with natural conditioning properties
🌱 Moisturizes and replenishes your hair deeply

All our products are low-foaming & do not lather much. That's a good thing, since it proves they're sulfate-free, paraben-free & chemical-free.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Loved it!!

Simply loved the new range of August Shower and Bath products, loved the personal touch given by the brand with the personal handwritten note.

Worth a buy!

The aroma, feel and texture of this is so beautiful. You get lost in a different world.

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