Why August Bioscience?

Businesses that care little about the health and safety of their customers are now turning their attention to products that are marketed as green and environmentally friendly. There are so many terms such as ‘Natural’, ‘Organic’, ‘Green’ thrown around these days that it’s hard to tell what’s good for you and the environment and what’s not. Is August Bioscience any different in that regard?
Here is how:

At August Bioscience, we believe what’s thrown away doesn’t really go away. So, we don’t ignore what goes in landfills. This is a disregard towards mother Earth. Because your skin is just as important to us as our planet, we follow a scientific approach toward sustainability by coupling our plant-to-bottle formulations with recycled packaging. After all, we have two homes to consider: Our Body & Our Planet. We are happy to create performance-driven skincare to help take care of both.

Why indulge in a bathing beauty regime?

One step that should never be skipped is starting your morning or ending your day with a shower.
How you shower matters. It’s where you get energized
and kick start your day or wash off your workout, and unwind after a long day.
August Bioscience’s all-natural range of bathing and cleansing products rid your skin of dirt and impurities without robbing your skin’s natural moisture. An indulging shower like this not only uplifts your mood but also preps your skin for your morning or night-time skincare routine.